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Feast a Bakery Cafe

The Feast is a buzzy bakery cafe with brick concept walls and granite old-floor tiles. The bold strokes of colours and patterns with blue pottery plates on the walls, colourful cushions and rugs create a fresh and warm ambiance.

The furniture is 100% recycled or up cycled and juxtaposed with grungy industrial elements. The bare walls are unfinished and naked bulbs dangle from the ceiling.

By day, it is a cosy bakery perfect to satisfy your dessert cravings; by night, it smoothly glides into a high-energy cafe.

Inspired by the energy of the street and nostalgia of the childhood, the feast is a cosy space with the old-school brown tables, small paintings, tin-shade ceilings, and 100% recycled or upcycled wood.

The idea was to create natural, unpretentious space to maximise seating in a limited area.